Intel Merom (64-bit Mobile Processor) Due in September?

TGDaily reports that Intel is on track to release the next generation mobile processor known as "Merom" in September of this year.

The Merom processor is reported to launch at 2.33 GHz and bring 64-bit capability to the mobile platform.

According to the article, Apple was reportedly interested in using Merom for the Intel transition, but its late delivery timeframe pushed Apple towards using the recently released Core Duo which now powers the Mac mini, iMac and MacBook Pro.

Meanwhile, Intel's next generation desktop processor (Conroe) is expected in Q3 2006. Apple still has to transition the PowerMac, Xserve, iBook and PowerBook 12"/17" to the Intel processors.

More details may come from Intel's Developer Forum conference which starts tomorrow. The previous (Aug 2005) roadmap showed which processors Intel was planning to release in 2005/2006.

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179 months ago
Can't wait all of the panic-induced "should I sell my current macbook/powerbook/whatever for the new Macs?" threads.

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