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MacRumors' Webcast Stats during the MWSF 2006 Keynote

On January 10th, 2006, MacRumors delivered live updates of the Macworld San Francisco 2006 keynote speech given by Steve Jobs. Since no live Quicktime stream was made available, Mac fans had to rely on live web text updates. successfully delivered live-updates to a record number of users using the latest web technologies.

After analyzing the logs, we've posted a summary of the MacRumorsLive system and the traffic that it generated.

In short, we peaked at approximately 103,000 simultaneous web visitors and over 6,000 IRC viewers during the keynote speech and consumed over 32 GB of bandwidth during the three hours surrounding the event. (For those interested, a non-AJAX version of MacRumorsLive would have required an estimated 196 GB of bandwidth over the same period of time)