Intel Developing Next PowerMac for Apple?

Appleinsider claims that according to "reliable sources", Apple has contracted out the motherboard design for the next-generation PowerMac to Intel.

According to the rumor site, Apple has its current resources spread so far across the planned Intel iMacs, PowerBooks, iBooks and Mac minis that outsourcing the PowerMac motherboard design may help them keep a targeted ship date of the 3rd quarter of 2006 for the next-generation PowerMac.

The design is expected to take place within the Intel Apple-Group which was quietly formed in November.

Outsourcing PowerMac motherboard design to Intel may have some interesting consequences regarding control and exclusivity of the design. As well, it exposes the PowerMac designs outside of Apple, which could be a source of future leaks.

Appleinsider notes, of course, that the PowerMac case/industrial design will remain under Apple's control.

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