Intel's Napa Platform with Yonah (Jan 2006)

eWeek reports on Intel's new mobile platform called Napa, which was detailed yesterday to reporters.

According to Intel, the new laptop platform (Napa) which incorporates their dual-core Yonah processor will outperform their current laptops by 68%. Along with this will be a reduction in power consumption by 28%, which will extend battery life beyond 5 hours.

The chip benefits from a two-pronged assault on power usage, cutting amps by completing tasks faster and employing a new feature termed Dynamic Power Coordination, which allows its two cores to be power-managed independently, making it possible for one core to shut down while the other performs the heavy lifting.

Napa/Yonah is expected in 2006 and Intel is expecting over 230 laptop designs. Intel was reportedly tight lipped, however, about whether or not Apple would adopt the entire platform. The expected release for Yonah is indeed January as rumored.

Yonah has been widely expected to be used by Apple in the first Intel Macs, also rumored to be released in January.

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