Apple iTunes Australia - Oct 3rd?

Forbes report that Apple may finally be launching iTunes Australia on October 3rd.

Apple is working to expand iTunes and plans to open up an Australian version of its iTunes online music store Oct. 3, according to people familiar with the negotiations.

The opening, however, may only have a limited selection available to Australian users. According to Forbes, two of the four major music labels have agreed to sell their music on the Australian iTunes. Both Sony and Warner Music have yet to sign on. This has likely been the cause of the long delays in seeing the coming of the Australian iTunes Store.

The source of the disagreement appears to stem from Apple's insistence of pricing all songs at a common price ($.99 in the US). The labels are pushing for a tiered pricing model with premium songs priced higher, while older songs would be discounted.

The same argument appears to have delayed Sony's appearance in the recently launched iTunes Japan. According to Japan Today however, Sony and Apple appears to have come to terms in that market.