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Apple as a Wireless Provider?

While this falls more in line with speculation than actual rumor, Forbes mentions the possibility of Apple launching its own wireless network to promote the upcoming Motorola iTunes-enabled cellular phone.

Forbes comments how other companies have recently been able to enter the mobile market without a significant outlay of money by becoming a "mobile virtual network operator" or MVNO. The advantage is that it allows companies to deploy a mobile network but utilize existing infrastructure. Disney, ESPN and Earthlink are among companies who have launched their own mobile networks.

This would also circumvent roadblocks in having to work with individual wireless carriers.

The solution could be for Apple to launch its own cellular network, doing an end run around carriers and providing the company with revenue from both selling phone handsets and from the resale of cellular service.

The most recent rumors have pinpointed Cingular as the likely provider for Motorola's iTunes enabled cell phone.