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First Developer Intel Macs (Photos)

ThinkSecret posts information and photos from the first of the development Intel Macs that are being offered for $999 to developers to prepare for the Intel switch over the next two years.

As described in earlier reports, Windows will install on the developer Intel Mac but at present appears to have limited graphics card support.

The graphics card is an Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 800 with DVI support provided by an additional Silicon Image Orion ADD2-N Dual Pad x16 card. A photo of the motherboard is also provided.

Of note, the developer version of Intel-Mac OS X will not install on other PCs:

As for installing Mac OS X on non-Apple hardware, attempts to boot from the included Mac OS X for Intel disc resulted in an error message on both a Dell and off-brand PC. The message states that the hardware configuration is not supported by Darwin x86.

According to the rumor site, Apple is expected to use an "EDID" chip on the motherboard of final production Intel Macs to provide protection to prevent use of Mac OS X on other machines.

Some additional comments and external photos can be seen in this MacRumors Forum thread.
Appleinsider posts more photos and details.