Mac OS X 10.4 Server Home Sync Feature

One reader noted the existance of a "Home Sync" menu extra in the final version of Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger):

System -> Library -> CoreServices -> Menu Extras

"" enables a menu that gives you options to "Sync Home Now" and open "Home Sync Preferences". HomeSync is, however, a new feature in Mac OS X 10.4 Server and not enabled in the client version.

The feature was mentioned here by O'Reilly when describing Tiger Server:

Apple begs to differ, and brings back one of the last truly missed features of OS 9: Portable Home Directories. Sure, Macintosh Manager made this possible back in the day, we've missed it since the bad old days, but now it's back and ready for action. It allows for full home directory syncing with the primary server, giving you the ability to check out, re-sync, and check in your home folder.

Readers will be reminded of a previous unrealized feature of Panther called "Home on iPod" which promised similar features. Details about Home on iPod were posted by Apple on their Panther feature pages but were quickly removed after their discovery. This feature promised to give users the ability to carry their home directory, files and apps on your iPod or any Firewire drive.