MacRumors 1,000,000 Post Avatar Contest

MacRumors Forums is approaching its one millionth post. To celebrate, we are having an avatar-creating contest. Avatars are the images you see under the names of some MacRumors members who have reached 500 or more posts. They can be created with almost any graphics or image editing program. Even if you don't have 500 posts to display an avatar, you can enter. Winners with less than 500 posts will get avatars.

Winners will be chosen in three categories:
* Best Animated Avatar
* Best Static (non-animated) Avatar
* Best "Million" Avatar (containing a reference to the number 1,000,000)

The moderators will select the finalists. Winners will be chosen using polls, with all members eligible to vote.

Click here for a full list of rules and how to enter. Thanks to all our members and visitors for making MacRumors one of the most participated-in Macintosh based sites on the internet.

[Update] The contest entry period ended at the time of the 1,000,000th MacRumors Forums post, 5:01 EST on Monday, August 23, 2004.