2.5 GB & 5 GB iPod Minis?

Seagate recently introduced a 1-inch 2.5 GB & 5 GB compact-flash interface hard drive for use in digital cameras and other small-size, large storage space devices. With a form factor the same as Hitachi's 4 GB model currently found in the iPod Mini, these new smaller and larger capacity hard drives may find thier way into the iPod Mini.

In an Reuters interview with Brian Dexheimer, head of worldwide sales and marketing for Seagate, whether Seagate is likely to be an additional provider of the mini hard drives to Apple, Dexheimer said: "We'd like to be. We're certainly talking to them about this product."

Hitachi is expected to increase production on the currently available 4 GB model to 2 million units per quarter by the end of the year in an attempt to catch up to consumer demand. Current wait times for an iPod Mini from the Apple Store are approximately 4 weeks or more. International release of the iPod Mini has also been delayed until production has increased to meet demand.

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