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Apple 4th Quarter Conference Call

Apple's 4th Quarter Conference Call hilights:

  • 787,000 CPUs this Quarter, an increase of 7% over last year's 4th Qtr.

  • PowerMac sales rebounded to 221,000 units due to the G5

  • All 3 PowerMacs are shipping in volume

  • 176,000 PowerBooks, record Quarter

  • 3rd generation iPod gaining momentum. New record for iPod sales this quarter 336,000 units.

  • iPod is the #1 MP3 Player in sales in the U.S.

  • Working on expanding the iPod channels.

  • Tomorrow, Apple plans to announce more exciting news about their Music Efforts

  • Retail segment achieved its first profitable quarter

  • Panther on Oct 24th, enthusiastic about a strong product line in the upcoming quarter

  • Q&A Session:

  • iTunes stats/update deferred until tomorrow.

  • Still catching up with demand on G5.

  • No updated data on Windows/Mac breakdown on iPod sales.

  • Re: Best Buy. 48 Store pilot at this time. In some of the stores, there are Apple badged employees. Has been going for about 60 days. Still collecting data.