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New Apple Pro Mouse and Pro Keyboard? [Updated]

See update at the bottom of the article

The University of Arizona's online educational Apple Store ( posted two items on their "Recommended Systems" page:

New Apple Pro Mouse

New Apple Pro Keyboard

Both items have generic icons, carry an educational price of $55.00 and are listed as "Currently Unavailable".

Apple's Pro Mouse and Keyboard had previously been discontinued, leaving only the "Apple Keyboard" and "Apple Mouse" which come bundled with the new PowerMacs.

While this may simply be a strange mistake, previous Panther screenshots haved provided "confirmation" of an upcoming Apple Wireless Keyboard and Mouse. And one reader report indicates that the Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard/Mouse support comes built into Mac OS X 10.2.7 on the shipping PowerMac G5.

A screenshot of the new Pro Mouse/KB Apple Store items is provided on

Update: Apparently, individual schools have control over the "Recommended Systems" page so does not represent any new information from Apple.