Panther by September? Hints?

eWeek reports on Apple's next major Mac OS X upgrade -- Panther.

    ...sources said Panther will include significant new GUI features.

eWeek reports a mid-September date for the release of the next major revision of Mac OS X. eWeek, however, also reports on speculation that Panther may be the first 64-bit revision of Mac OS X. As a result, they make the leap that new hardware releases (presumably PowerMacs) would arrive at the same time.

MacOSRumors chimes in with Panther rumors -- and claims that Apple's music download service may not arrive until Panther does... reporting on tight integration between Panther and other Apple mediated purchases, including software, movies, etc...

Other claims of upcoming Panther features by MacOSRumors include File/Meta Data Implementations, labels (also mentioned here), more multithreading, and less restarts after updates.