Upcoming iMac Features/Pricing - Feb 4th

With Powermacs and LCDs updated on Tuesday... all eyes turn to the iMacs as the next updates. Scattered rumors of iMac updates started spreading prior to MacWorld Expo SF 2003. Rumors were dampened immediately before MWSF with reports from ThinkSecret that the iMacs would not be upgraded at that time.

Despite unconfirmed reports that the iMacs would be coupled with the PowerMac and LCD updates... the iMacs remain unaltered.

According to one known source, the high end iMac should bring the following features and price:

High End iMac


17" Screen (no 19")


4x DVD-R


Bluetooth and Airport Extreme capabilities

While ThinkSecret initially mentioned February 3rd, 2003 as a possible date... according to other reliable rumors, it appears February 4th will bring us the new iMacs.

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