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Mac OS 9 Support until June?

Macintouch reports on user information that OS 9 support will be maintained until June 2003:

    According to Quark, Steve Jobs agreed to delay the policy of all new Macs only booting in OS X (after January 1st) until June of 2003. This is to accommodate the much delayed release of the OS X native version of Quark XPress 6.0. The purpose of Quark's call was to reassure the attendees that they will be able to run Xpress in Mac OS 9 on new machines until June of 2003. I don't know if this is an attempt by Quark to say whatever they can to get sales and the confidence of their customers. I do however, find it difficult to believe that Apple would reverse their stance on Mac OS 9 booting after the first of the year.