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Apple to Upgrade iApps in the Coming Months

Over the past couple of years, Apple has been introducing more consumer applications, casually dubbed "iApps" to help promote the Mac as the center of your digital life.

The application list has grown long and now includes: iTunes, iDVD, iMovie, iPhoto, iSync, iChat and iCal. Professional versions of some of these applications also exist, which include DVD Studio Pro and Final Cut Pro.

As previously reported, iTunes is set for a significant upgrade at or around MacWorld SanFrancisco with adoption of Rendezvous technology, as well as support for the AAC MPEG4 format.

In the coming months, it appears almost all of Apple's iApps are due for revision. iDVD 3, iMovie 3, iPhoto 2 (previous details), iSync GM, and iCal updates are expected. Apple is expected to increase integration between the iApps, provide international support as well as introduce a new Application in the coming months.

Our sources provided no hints towards an iChat upgrade, but one user found Microphone and Camera icons hidden away in iChat's resources, hinting at voice and video functionality in the future. Dedicated readers will remember Jobs hinting at future Video Conferencing software coming from Apple.

In the meanwhile, Spymac reports that Final Cut Pro will also be upgraded to version 4 in January.

Update: ThinkSecret provides some details about FinalCutPro 4 and support for Firewire2 and DV50.