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Inspired by Apple's own Switch Ads, MacRumors users competed in a contest to make their own "Switch" ads to be judged by other members of the MacRumors community. The results are in:

1st Place

And the winner of the First Ever MacRumors Switch Ad Contest is Teabgs, who received almost 20% of the votes with his Monkey Switch Ad. Monkey Switch Ad was recently featured on TechTV's Screensavers.

2nd Place

Msibbern came in 2nd Place with Grow-Up....With a Mac Switch Ad and received 11.36% of the votes.

3rd Place

Al_LeVine came in 3rd with his Tweek South Park Switch Ad with 9.70% of the votes.

Honorable Mention

Honorable mentions go to JohnC with Lego Switch Switch Ad (8.03%) and Beej with Ballmer Switch (7.76%)

Great job guys! And thanks also to all the participants who entered an ad and all the members who came out to vote. You can see all the entries here.