1.5 GHz G4s at MWNY?

TheRegister reports on rumors that Motorola will bump the G4's to 1.5 GHz by July:

Recent word from sources close to Motorola confirm that a significant speed bump will be timed for MacWorld Expo in July, raising current bus speeds, and seeing new 7470-based G4s raise frequencies to as high as 1.5Ghz.

G5 still rumored for early next year.

The 7470 was first rumored in Feb 2002... and reportedly is 0.13 microns and supports DDR 266MHz.

Meanwhile, according to Motorola's director of strategic marketing the Apollo processor will "soon" be taken down to a 0.13 micron process and everything in the Apollo family will utilize SOI. As reported previously, they comment that the G5 is " still a long way off". This was from a recent MacWorld magazine article (text this link).

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