RealOne and ProTools?

For users waiting for RealOne for Mac OS X, Doug Mann provides this response to his inquiries regarding RealOne for Mac OS X: "sometime at the end of this year, or in the early part of next year".

Not the most encouraging response...

However, professional audio users may be pleased with this rumor... reportedly, DigiWorld on May 31-June 1 will be the venue for Pro Tools for OS X's announcement... with a release in the following three months...

Beyond this, the most official information available seems to be this thread at Digi User Conference:

    "We can tell you that it will be sometime this year, but as it states on the front page of the compatibility documents, an expected release date has not been announced."

and then,

    "An entire engineering group has been working on Pro Tools for OS X for literally years. It is not a minor project or a low priority."

Finally, one user confirms that Apple's new strategy on product releases is a "once it's ready, it will be released" policy... rather than save up announcements for major Mac Expos.