New Flat Panel iMac Photo?

chenlaoshi writes "friend
works for apple asia and mailed me this link:

Flat Panel iMac"

If that's not real, it's a nice iMac concept. It also correlates to the following
submission by Aj:

Aj writes "I
was told by a techie that Apple will be doing a change
with the iMac screen, but it won't be LCD. It will be
some form of flat screen (like the recent EOL
DiamonTrons) or the like. Still being CRT they are not
as costly, but better quality. I was also told the Graphics
cards will be replaced with better gaming cards (16mb)
to attract more attention to the iMac. If the screens are
bigger.. dont know. But a DVD - CD-RW combo drive is
close to guarenteed in the Upper models of the new