Problem with 17" Apple Studio Display

There's href="
shtml">an article over at MacCentral
that I just
spotted that speaks of a potential problem with Apple's
17" Studio Displays. The issue with these Mitsubishi
Diamondtron-based monitors is a single 'popping' or
'clicking' sound accompanying a rapid swelling and
then a shrinking of the image on the screen, which
normalizes over the following few seconds... It seems
that users of both the blue&white and graphite models
have been reporting this, some reporting total failures
of the screen after a rapid increase in this popping
(about 3-6 months after Apple's 1-year warranty
expires)! Apparently it's a $300 or so repair, if you
take it to an Apple service center. Obviously that's not
an option (aperture grille 17" screens are pretty
reasonable these days -- I just bought a super-low-end
Samsung 17" screen (shadow mask tube) for $130
from Micro Center to put on my href="">towered

What's particularly interesting about this is that I,
personally, have seen this behavior in my own 17"
blue&white Studio Display (first model) that I purchased
in January '99. It began in mid-February '99 and has
happened every 3-4 weeks, sometimes more
frequently, since. It's now almost 2 years old and still
going strong. Hopefully things will stay that way.
(Though, if it did die, that'd be a great excuse to
give my wife for me to justify a 19" or 21" monitor