Kickstarter Launches Official App for the iPhone

Thursday February 14, 2013 10:29 AM PST by Juli Clover
Crowd funding website Kickstarter launched an official app for the iPhone this morning, giving project creators, backers, and potential customers a new way to interact with the site.

The app allows users to find new products and keep tabs on backed projects, while also offering up tools for creators.
Take it for a spin...

-Discover new projects
-Watch project videos
-Get updates from projects and your friends

Are you a project creator?

-Use the app to stay connected with your backers
-Track your project's progress
-Post updates from wherever you are.
Projects can be browsed using popularity and category filters, and logging in with a Kickstarter account provides the option to follow funded projects. Creators can manage pages, keep track of pledges, and upload photos and videos from within the app.

Kickstarter for iPhone is available as a free download from the App Store. [Direct Link]

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Posted: 23 months ago
potentially relating to today's xkcd:

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Posted: 23 months ago
It would seem that they are a little late....
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Posted: 23 months ago
Sooner or later I figure I'm going to want to crowd source one of my ideas so... Downloaded.
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Posted: 23 months ago

Apple should just buy Kickstarter.

Hell no! Why would anyone want that?
Every company that Apple buys can close their doors.

Be happy that there are sites like Kickstarter with people who are not obsessed with money like Apple is.
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Posted: 23 months ago
What would really be great is if you could fund projects via IAP (i.e. using your AppleID). Now I'm sure the Apple 30% cut hoses this idea, it'd be nice if they could get an exception for it. But it would be really convenient and might mean more funding as "impulse" buys.
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