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Photos of iPhone 5 Battery in Rear Shell, Compared to iPhone 4S Battery

While photos of the iPhone 5 battery have leaked several times in recent weeks, repair firm iResQ has now obtained one of the batteries and posted new photos showing the battery in the iPhone's rear shell and next to an iPhone 4S battery for comparison.

As previously seen, the iPhone 5 battery runs at 3.8 volts, potentially using new chemistry to boost capacity to 5.45 watt-hours from the 3.7-volt 5.30 watt-hour battery used in the iPhone 4S. The comparison photos show that the new battery is slightly taller than the iPhone 4S battery, and the thickness appears roughly the same despite the fact that the new iPhone is expected to be at least 15% thinner than the iPhone 4S.
Key differences between the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4S battery:

1. The iPhone 5's battery is slightly less than a half an inch taller than the iPhone 4S. The thickness appears to be identical.

2. The iPhone 5 is 3.8V/5.45Whr while the iPhone 4S is 3.7V/5.3Whr.

3. The connector on the iPhone 5 is not only different, it is placed on the opposite side of the battery to accomodiate its new position within the iPhone.

iPhone 4S battery (left) compared to iPhone 5 battery (right)

Apple is expected to introduce the iPhone 5 at next week's media event that was officially announced today.

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26 months ago


People still do that?

Rating: 37 Votes
26 months ago
OK, now put alllllll these leaked parts together and fire it up.
Rating: 20 Votes
26 months ago
Gosh, the 'strip-teasing' must stop. :p
Rating: 18 Votes
26 months ago
Translation: iPhone 5 battery to be just a little less terrible than the iPhone 4S battery. Joy.
Rating: 15 Votes
26 months ago
Im so tired of these incremental releases, part after part. So surprised no one has taken them and put them all together to give us a full iPhone 5.
Rating: 13 Votes
26 months ago
The same thickness?! Now that actually IS INTERESTING people. The ability to drop the phone from 9.3 mm to 7.6 mm thick, but still keep the same internal height is really insane.

This implies the faux-unibody design and the InCell technology greatly reduced the overall thickness. As opposed to the internals. Interesting.

Well done Apple. :apple:
Rating: 13 Votes
26 months ago
Who would've thought? :rolleyes:
Rating: 13 Votes
26 months ago
A taller battery for a taller phone? AMAZING WORK GUIZE
Rating: 13 Votes
26 months ago


iPhone 5 will not have LTE. Apple claims LTE technology is not "mature" enough therefore will use the best technology currently available that responds to the best pro-longed device user experience.

iPhone 5S will include LTE when the technology matures enough.

The New iPad.

Rating: 12 Votes
26 months ago
Now can we turn it on please?
Rating: 12 Votes

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