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MacRumors Giveaway: Win a High-Quality Leather Briefcase From Saddleback Leather Company

For the next few weeks, MacRumors is running a special giveaway event, which will see us highlighting and giving away high-quality luxury bags from manufacturers like Pad & Quill, Intrepid Bag Co, Whipping Post, and Saddleback Leather Company. We've got all of these bags on hand so we can give clear details on construction, quality, utility, and more. For today's giveaway, we've partnered with Saddleback Leather Company to give away one of the company's medium-sized Thin Front Pocket Briefcases made from a rich tobacco-colored leather. Measuring in at 15 inches by 11.5 inches by 3.5 inches, the Pocket Briefcase is not a small bag, so it's big enough to hold a 12.9-inch iPad Pro, a Retina MacBook, a 13-inch MacBook Pro/MacBook Air, or a 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro. I was able to fit multiple Apple products inside, along with all of their accessories. The Pocket Briefcase is made from a super thick, rugged full-grain leather and features a saddle-style buckle and two outer pockets that also clasp with buckles. When new, the bag is rigid and the main buckle is a bit hard to work with, but it should soften up within a few weeks. The outer leather looks like it'll weather nicely, gaining a lot of character over time from scratches and bumps, and it's undeniably sturdy, made from just a few pieces of leather with careful stitching. Aside from the two outer buckle pockets, a pen pocket, and a rear pocket large enough to hold papers or magazines, there's one main pocket on the inside of the bag, roomy enough to hold the aforementioned laptop along with accessories and