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Hollywood Mac Pro Workstations Hit by Mysterious Software Issue [Updated]

Update: In a statement, AVID has indicated that the root cause for the reboot issue is unrelated to its creative tools. Google has since confirmed that a Chrome update "may have shipped with a bug that damages the file system on macOS machines" and has provided instructions for affected users. Original story follows. Variety reports this morning of a possible computer virus attack or critical software failure affecting Mac Pro workstations across Los Angeles. According to social media chatter, Hollywood Film and TV editors discovered late on Monday that "trashcan" Mac Pros running older versions of macOS and AVID's Media Composer software were refusing to reboot after shutting down. The root cause of the issue remains unknown, but online speculation is surfacing a few possibilities, including a virus specifically targeting post-production Macs in the Hollywood area. Others have suggested an issue with AVID's iLok activation dongle, or perhaps a conflict with the software and a recent system update – possibly related to Apple's Safari browser – that is corrupting data. Affected users are being advised to try booting in single-user mode and disabling Wi-Fi so that they can back up, while non-affected AVID users have been told not to shut down their Macs so they can also deactivate Wi-Fi and any other networks until a solution is found. From what I gather there’s a massive failure of Macs with iLok/Avid that’s happening all over right now. A lot of L.A. post shops and people out on shows having their Macs slowly crash and wont boot again. Engineers

Avid Takes on Apple's iMovie with Avid Studio for iPad

While companies such as Avid and Adobe have attempted to capitalize on Apple's Final Cut Pro X missteps by wooing users in need of professional video editing and production software, AllThingsD notes that Avid is pushing forward on the mobile "prosumer" front with its just-launched Avid Studio [App Store] app for iPad. The iPad obviously imposes some limitations on what can be done with the software compared with the full Avid Studio for Windows, but Avid suggests that it is full-featured enough to be used for editing on the go and is ideally suited as a companion to the desktop app.The idea is that the iPad app and the desktop software are complementary, [Avid vice president Tanguy] Leborgne said, so that users who want to create and edit projects on the go can do so, but ultimately preserve them by taking them to the PC. The Avid iPad app does have some nice features, including an interface that includes a storyboard area and an editing timeline. And while some video editors rely heavily on customized keyboards or a mouse, others might appreciate the ability to pinch and squeeze videos and images to scale them on the touchscreen of the iPad, or the ability to move text and titles around with their fingers. Avid Studio for iPad is launching with an introductory price tag of $4.99, which will increase to $7.99 after the first