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Apple Promotes Subscription-Based Apps With Free Trials in the App Store

Apple has opened a new section of the iOS App Store that promotes subscription-based apps offering free trials (via 9to5Mac). Called "Try it for Free", the subcategory appears in the Apps tab and is currently home to just four apps, including USA Today, 1Password, Panna: Video Recipes & Classes, and Lake: Coloring Books. Tapping "Free Trial" next to one of the apps takes the user to a screen showcasing the subscription offer (if the app hasn't been previously downloaded), which details how long the trial runs, the recurring cost after the trial ends, and how to download the app. All of the apps in the subcategory have offered free trials for some time, suggesting Apple is renewing efforts to push subscription-based apps by encouraging users to try them out for a time before committing to recurring payments. Subscription-based apps tend to divide the user community, but adoption of the model has increased over the last six months. Apple began incentivizing developers to sell their apps for a recurring fee instead of a one-time cost when it made changes to its App Store subscription policies in 2016. Usually, Apple takes 30 percent of app revenue, but developers who are able to maintain a subscription with a customer longer than a year see Apple's cut drop down to 15 percent. Late last year, Apple also started letting developers offer discounted introductory pricing and time-limited free trials on auto-renewable app subscriptions, based on the idea that subscriptions provide a higher likelihood of an engaged

Productivity App Sale Offers 50% Off Clear, 1Password, Duet Display and More

Apple is offering 50 percent off a range of productivity apps as part of a "Get Productive" iOS App Store promotion that's taking place this week. Each app is available at a 50 percent discount from its regular App Store pricing. Many well-known apps like Clear, Things, Drafts 4, and Deliveries are included in the promotion. Available apps cover a wide range of productivity tasks, from note-taking and editing PDFs to creating to-dos, making scans, converting currency, and more. A full list of apps and their pricing with the discount is below: - PDF Expert 5, a PDF editing tool - $4.99 - Duet Display, for using an iPad or iPhone as a second monitor - $7.99 - Things, a popular and powerful to-do app - $4.99 - PCalc, a calculator app - $4.99 - Clear, a list making app - $1.99 - Drafts 4, a quick note-taking app - $4.99 - Prizmo, a scanning app - $4.99 - ">Moleskine Timepage, a calendar app - $1.99 - Genius Scan+, a scanning app - $2.99 - Due, a reminders/timers app - $2.99 - Deliveries, a package tracking app - $1.99 - Carbo, an app for making handwritten notes - $3.99 - Numerics, an app for visualizing numbers in charts and widgets - $4.99 - Amount Plus, a unit and currency converter - $0.99 Some of these apps have Mac counterparts that are also being offered at a 50 percent discount, including PCalc, Things, Clear, and ">Prizmo. Apple's App Store promo sales often last from Thursday to Thursday, so these discounts should be available for the next six days. In a separate sale, password management app 1Password for Mac is available from the Mac

Apple Promotes Educational Apps on App Store for World Autism Awareness Day

On the eighth annual celebration of World Autism Awareness Day, Apple has launched a new section of its App Store focused on apps designed specifically for autistic individuals (via 9to5Mac). The sixteen apps on display range in variety from helping users feel comfortable in their surroundings thanks to contextual environment mapping via an iPhone or iPad's camera to a science-based kids' show "that works to help kids navigate the social and emotional world." Most of the apps are between the normal free "Get" option to the $2.99 range, but a few break the $100 mark, thanks to their complexities and depth of features. Proloquo2Go [Direct Link], for example, provides users simple visual aid cards that, when tapped, construct grammatically correct sentences in one of over 35 different voices. The normally priced $219.99 app is now $109.99, a 50% discount thanks to today's promotion. Navigate to the App Store's Education section to visit the apps within Apple's newly introduced Autism Awareness Month

Apple Launches 'Get Productive' Promotion for iOS and Mac With Discounted Productivity Apps

Apple's iOS and Mac App Stores were today updated with new "Get Productive" sections, offering discounted prices on many popular productivity apps for iOS devices and Macs. In the iOS App Store, the 19 discounted apps include Fantastical 2 for iPhone and iPad, Workflow, Clear, Duet Display, Calendars 5, and more. Apps are available for up to 60 percent off their regular prices. In the Mac App Store, there are 20 apps available at discounted prices up to 75 percent off, including popular offerings like Day One, Byword, iA Writer Pro, iTranslate, mSecure, iStudiez Pro, Notability, and more. Apple has also named ProCam 2 as its App of the Week, and as a result, the camera and photo editing app is available at no cost, instead of at its regular $1.99 price. [Direct Link] The iPad version of the app, ProCam XL 2 is also free. [Direct Link]