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DxO ON Hands iPhone Front

DxO Updates iOS App With Advanced Time-Lapse Features, Launches New Battery Pack Accessory

Monday October 16, 2017 7:53 am PDT by
DxO today announced a new update for its DxO One iPhone-connected camera accessory, introducing a new time-lapse option with exclusive "Auto Ramping" technology and multi-camera Facebook Live capabilities. There are also a few new accessories that were revealed today, including an external Battery Pack, Cable Back Door, and Tilt Stand. The version 3.0 update to the DxO One iOS app streamlines...
dxo one outdoor shell

DxO ONE Gaining Improved Wi-Fi Connectivity and Waterproof 'Outdoor Shell'

Wednesday August 31, 2016 7:05 am PDT by
After introducing a standalone mode for the DxO ONE Smartphone Camera earlier in the year, the camera manufacturer today announced an update to its DxO ONE lineup that'll bring waterproofing to the accessory, as well as an all-new Wi-Fi remote control. The latter feature will be available to all DxO ONE users through a 2.0 software update coming to the connected iOS app [Direct Link], while the...

DxO ONE Smartphone Camera Adds Stand-Alone Mode, Cuts Base Price $100

Wednesday March 2, 2016 6:34 am PST by
DxO today announced a new "dramatically enhanced stand-alone experience" for its DxO ONE camera, granting users the ability to take pictures with the miniaturized device without needing to tether it to their smartphone. The DxO ONE's OLED display helps its users line up a shot, which they can then capture easily thanks to the on-board two-stage shutter button. The connected app allows for...