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AAPL Dow Jones Downturn

Apple Shares Drop Below $100 Amid Wider Stock Market Downturn [Updated]

Monday August 24, 2015 5:54 am PDT by
Apple shares dipped below $100 in pre-market trading today amid a wider Dow Jones and stock market downturn, with AAPL fluctuating around the $98-$100 mark prior to the Nasdaq and New York Stock Exchange opening bell at 9:30 AM Eastern. Apple shares last dropped below $100 in October 2014, four months after opening at $92.69 following a 7-for-1 split that took effect in June 2014. AAPL dips ...
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Apple to Replace AT&T in Dow Jones Industrial Average on March 18

Friday March 6, 2015 5:25 am PST by
Apple will be joining the Dow Jones Industrial Average, according to S&P Dow Jones (via The Wall Street Journal). Apple will be added to the Dow Jones at the close of trading on March 18, replacing AT&T as one of 30 members on the major price-weighted index. Apple is listed on Nasdaq with a pre-market share price hovering around the $128 mark as of this writing.“Apple is the clear choice for...