Apple Progressing Towards 2030 Goal of Having Carbon Neutral Supply Chain

Apple today announced that over 250 suppliers are committed to using renewable energy for all Apple production by 2030. Apple said its manufacturing partners now support over 13 gigawatts of renewable electricity, a nearly 30% increase in the last year.

Apple Environment Feature
Apple remains committed to its goal of being carbon neutral for every product that it makes by 2030, and is allocating $4.7 billion in Green Bonds to help finance the expansion of clean energy solutions and emissions reductions around the world.

"At Apple, we're carbon neutral for our own operations and innovating every day to go even further in the urgent work to address climate change," said Apple CEO Tim Cook. "With partners around the world, we're adding even more renewable energy to power our global supply chain and investing in next-generation green technologies. The scale of this challenge is immense — but so is our determination to meet it."

Apple's press release provides more details about the company's clean energy advancements.

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BellSystem Avatar
9 weeks ago
Says one of the largest ewaste manufacturers….
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ignatius345 Avatar
9 weeks ago
All very good, but if they made more of their products upgradeable and repairable they could cut off a LOT of e-waste.
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bruinsrme Avatar
9 weeks ago
Carbon neutral - so apple will be passing this off to third parties
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Ion-X Avatar
9 weeks ago

Does anyone really care about this? Whenever I go to the nursery, they are pumping CO2 into the greenhouses like there's no tomorrow. It's what plants like.
In case you forgot your high school biology course, plants like CO2, but humans breathe out CO2 because it is toxic to our cells. It’s literally a waste product. So of course the CO2 should be pumped to organisms that can use it. They remove the CO2 from the atmosphere and produce food as a result, so it’s a win-win. This is done so we have a tomorrow.

I assume you’re playing the fool to cast doubt on the science of climate change. How about a little experiment. Fill up that greenhouse completely with CO2 from an emissions source of your choice and see what happens to the temperature and to the plants inside.
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Ion-X Avatar
9 weeks ago
Good for them, but we need an independent third party to verify these claims. It’s very easy for corporations to buy up carbon offsets that don’t actually do anything (often they are credits for green projects that were already going to be built anyways, regardless of the credits) and claim they’ve gone carbon neutral.
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mdridwan47 Avatar
9 weeks ago
But won't embrace the right to repair movement because it would hurt their bottom line.
Score: 13 Votes (Like | Disagree)

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