Apple Releases 'Car Keys Tests' App for Licensed MFi Developers

Apple has released a testing app for vehicle manufacturers who are working on integrating its digital Car Keys software (via 9to5Mac).

car keys tests
Apple's digital car key feature allows users to unlock and start a compatible vehicle by bringing an iPhone or Apple Watch near the driver-side door. The car keys are stored in the Wallet app, just like a credit card. The feature is currently limited to select BMW, Kia, and Genesis vehicles.

Called "Car Keys Tests," the new app allows licensed MFi developers to test and validate their own integration of the digital car keys technology, which Apple announced in July 2022.

Apple describes the developer tool in the following way:

For use by MFi Licensees only. Use the Car Keys Tests app to test and validate connection, performance, and other key requirements for the certification process of the vehicles you develop that incorporate Apple digital car keys technology.

"Car Keys Tests" isn't listed on the App Store, but there is a direct link to view and download the app. However, only developers with MFi licenses will be able to get past the login screen.

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CalMin Avatar
5 weeks ago
I no longer need to take my wallet, house keys or camera with me. Looking forward to the day I can dump the car keys as well. (oh, and California please hurry with that digital drivers license!)
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haruhiko Avatar
5 weeks ago

Add to that the fact that many users, myself included, don’t trust Apple software and third party companies enough to secure things like houses and cars. I use Apple Wallet a lot but there’s a big difference in a bank card and a car for instance.
Your digital key is designed to be only operated by you. A physical key however can be operated by anybody. It (in theory) can’t be as non-secure as the key it’s replacing. But of course if you think that Apple can impersonate you and authorise another person to download your digital key, it’s totally another issue and you should throw away your smartphone at once since it’s much more dangerous than a key to your house.
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bkaus Avatar
5 weeks ago

Getting auto manufactures to do anything quickly is an ordeal. Remember the CarPlay roll out? I mean Tesla just added it like a few months ago.
Tesla didn’t add CarPlay. They did add Apple Music.
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brian3uk Avatar
5 weeks ago
Getting auto manufactures to do anything quickly is an ordeal. Remember the CarPlay roll out?

(Edited to remove mention of Tesla)
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Marzzz Avatar
5 weeks ago
I use the digital key with my car, but it is always a bit if a gamble as to whether it will work, so I only trust it on short trips. It often takes a few tries before it unlocks the car. Also, you have to take the phone out and “apply” it to the door handle, while my fob works in proximity from my pocket. Still, between the digital wallet, key and driver’s license, it is great not to have to carry all that stuff to the gym….
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TheLunaPark Avatar
5 weeks ago

I’m surprised this hasn’t been rolled out faster- or maybe there was some exclusive deal with BMW that has now expired.

Apple said a long time ago it wants wallets and keys to go the way of the dodo. I believe it is nearly there with the technology already in place, but not with adoption. There are only a few car models, fewer house front doors and even fewer driver’s license that you only need your iPhone/ Watch for at the moment
Add to that the fact that many users, myself included, don’t trust Apple software and third party companies enough to secure things like houses and cars. I use Apple Wallet a lot but there’s a big difference in a bank card and a car for instance.
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