Google Launches New $999 Glass AR Headset for Enterprise Customers

Google today announced the launch of a new enterprise-focused Google Glass headset, the Glass Enterprise Edition 2.

The Glass Enterprise Edition 2 looks more like a traditional pair of glasses than a futuristic headset thanks to safety frames designed in partnership with Smith Optics, but for those who don't need safety glasses features, there's also a standard version that looks like the original.

Both versions feature a 640 x 380 Optical Display Module that displays augmented reality content over the real world view, while also offering up a smart voice assistant for getting tasks done.

Inside, there's an updated, faster Qualcomm Snapdragon XR1 processor, an improved 8-megapixel camera, USB-C port for faster charging, and a larger battery.

Google says the Snapdragon XR1 features a significantly more powerful multicore CPU and a new artificial intelligence engine for "significant power savings," improved performance, and support for computer vision and more advanced machine learning capabilities.

Google Glass 2 runs Android Oreo, which is meant to make it easier for businesses to develop for and deploy.

The new version of Google Glass is priced at $999, down from $1,599 for the original version, and like the prior Enterprise Glass option, it is not available directly to consumers.

Google originally released Google Glass in 2013 as a mass market product, but it wasn't well-received due to privacy and functionality concerns. Google then relaunched it as an Enterprise product for businesses in 2017, with the redesigned version available as of today.

Apple is rumored to be working on its own augmented reality smart glasses, which could be somewhat similar in design to Google's version. Apple has had AR smart glasses in development for several years now, and rumors have suggested we could see a launch in 2020.

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9 months ago
People can bash this all day long, but that's a shallow perspective. What they fail to realize is how this type of development moves the needle forward. Technology improves, lessons are learned, and one day, the world will be a better place as a result. So, bash all you want, but let's be thankful that Google is "wasting their time on this". 10 years from now, you won't see it that way.
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9 months ago
they're really doubling down on this nonsense
Rating: 15 Votes
9 months ago
Another hardware failure from Google.
Rating: 14 Votes
9 months ago
Because of dumbsumers the rest of us don't get nice things since this is now sold to enterprise only. This hands-free HUD tool which is less bulky and more affordable than HoloLens 2 would be useful for a lot of consumer applications such as learning, car repairs, electronic maker hobby, cooking, etc.

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9 months ago
AR has great potential in manufacturing and logistics (and probably other fields as well, but this is where I come from). Hence it is a product for enterprise customers, it’s literally in the headline of the article.
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9 months ago

My first instinct hearing this: they hear internal rumblings at apple about them being close to production for THEIR ar headset so they want to get ahead of them

...won’t work

"Edition 2". Some of you guys are so drowned in the pro Apple world you don't even know what's going in the tech world. Please stop commenting on technology if you have a one track mind.
Rating: 9 Votes
9 months ago
Yeah! The glasshole product returns!
Rating: 5 Votes
9 months ago
Privacy features provided by Huawei?
Rating: 5 Votes
9 months ago
They've been selling these things as a enterprise piece of hardware and this is the 3rd revision since the original (non enterprise focused piece of hardware). Its been doing good enough for them apparently or they would have killed it off.

Someone else pointed out the Glass folks have been brought back into Google proper where the other Google AR folks reside. Longer term I expect them to be there if/when Apple makes an AR glass play. JMHO..
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9 months ago

Fixed the first paragraph for you.
Second you have zero proof that this product will fail.

I will be providing a list of reasons why I feel Apple stands a good chance of succeeding in the smart glasses market, and these are also the reasons why I feel Google will have a harder time doing well.

Granted, some of them won’t be as relevant since google will be serving the enterprise market, which has its own set of priorities. But in a nutshell, we will be looking at the Apple Watch market play out all over again.

And third you can’t guarantee anything about Apple, I mean they did fit poor performing Intel modems that were outperformed by Qualcomm and they are more then happy to let iOS have bugs in it all the time.. like the FaceTime security breach.. so don’t make false statements.
Such double standards in this site..

None of them matter in the greater scheme of things.

While it is true that I can’t tell the future, much less guarantee anything about Apple, I can provide a list of reasons why I feel that Apple is uniquely positioned to succeed when it comes to smart glasses, using what we have already seen with Apple’s successes with the Apple Watch and Airpods.

1) Apple controls the hardware, software and services, and this will be increasingly important moving forward. Offhand, Apple has the W2 chip, is expert in miniaturisation, and has experience with power efficiency.

2) Lessons learnt from manufacturing the Apple Watch and Airpods will prove invaluable when it comes to mass-producing the Apple glasses.

3) Apple gets fashion. The Apple Watch is a smartwatch which people are not only willing to pay a premium for, but also be seen wearing one. Apple has aggregated the best customers, and this shows as consumers don’t mind paying top dollar for a watch plus additional bands.

I don’t see android users being as willing to splurge on such an accessory, going by existing trends with android wear.

Same goes for glasses.

4) Apple has their retail stores which allow customers to try them out in person and may even order customised versions if need be.

Sure, there will definitely be bugs and hiccups here and there, but none of them will matter as I am sure that Apple will get the core experience right enough that users are willing to overlook all the other flaws.

And what exactly has Apple done that’s innovative lately? I can think of a couple but I want to see what you say...

Apple excels in creating cohesive user experiences, made possible by their control over hardware, software and services. That is the entire reason why I am all in with the Apple ecosystem, because no other company offers what Apple does.

And this will be increasingly crucial when we go into wearables. Just look at how Qualcomm is unwilling to invest in developing new processors for android wear devices. Meanwhile, Apple just shrugs and releases a new Apple Watch chip every year.
Rating: 4 Votes

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