Pocket God developer Bolt Creative has released Pocket God: Ooga Jump for iOS devices, a game based on an "easter egg" character and gameplay from the popular iOS title Doodle Jump. The game has players take controller of a pygmy named Ooga as the character attempts to collect gems through various platforms while bouncing upward. Mini games also appear during gameplay, and the user may also spend gems collected in the game to apply artifacts and boosts to Ooga.


See how many Oogles you can climb as you're grabbing gems, reaching level objectives and acquiring collectibles for your shelf. If you are signed up with Game Center, an in-game leaderboard will show off your high scores and help you keep an eye on your friends' scores. You also see your friends' score markers on wooden signs as you play the game. As you pass their score, Slam Bounce the sign and break it to find a hidden gem. The more Game Center friends you have, the more gems you can collect as you play! You can also challenge them to Oogle-height competitions!

Our sister site TouchArcade has also posted a video first look at the game, and came away impressed by the innovation in the gameplay despite the nature of the game's tried-and-true foundation. Pocket God: Ooga Jump is an $0.99 app for iOS devices, and can be downloaded through the App Store. [Direct Link]