Steve Jobs Biography Released Early on Kindle, Coming to iBooks at Midnight

The Steve Jobs biography is officially launching on October 24th and it's become available around the world as the local clock hits midnight. So, we expect it to be become available in the U.S. iBooks at the same local time (midnight Eastern).

Early Kindle customers, however, have started receiving the book a little early. Several people are now reporting their pre-orders are now available on their Kindles. The image above from a reader in Florida.

Thanks @davidj

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anubis Avatar
138 months ago

I can't think of a better way to read Steve's Biography than on an iPad.

I can. E-ink display (Kindle, etc.)

How you people can read an entire book on a back-lit screen without burning your retinas out, I'll never know ;)
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ZAiPhone Avatar
138 months ago
There is some weird irony in that!

Amazon is like a big leach!

Amazon Kindle works on my MacBook Pro. iBook only works on iOS. Kindle for me. I got it before midnight EST.
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Stella Avatar
138 months ago
Nope. They wanted to out do Apple on this. Plain and simple.

Chill - books are released early all the time.
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vitzr Avatar
138 months ago
Read It...

Got my copy here:

Rather fitting that Amazon delivered it to me faster than Apple could. An indicator of the future as Apple begins to fall behind.

Finished the book before calling it a day. Was an interesting, if not totally surprising read.

Another reminder of the Kindles superior experience when reading eBooks.

I wish my iPad 2 could do as well.
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EricNau Avatar
138 months ago
I imagine the book has a few photographs? How does that hold up on the Kindle? Look any good?

I don't have one yet, but I'm planning on buying one soon, and this could be my first book on it.
I'm quite happy with the Kindle version, and it looks great on e-ink. :)
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Chundles Avatar
138 months ago
We got it ages ago. Been the 24th now for a long time.
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