'Convertbot' App Update Rejected Over Too-Similar Time Icon

An update to Convertbot, a popular conversion app by Tapbots, was rejected by Apple because of an icon that was thought to be too similar to another one already used in the standard iPhone interface, according to the Tapbots blog.

Image courtesy of Tapbots.com

Convertbot offers a time conversion feature and the icon that represents it, which has been the same in all versions of Convertbot since it was initially released, was flagged by Apple:

Convertbot 1.4 was rejected because our icon for Time is too similar to one of Apple's default resource icons for History/Recent. They say users might get confused that our Time category might mean History or Recent. Now I might be able to understand if this happened when we first submitted Convertbot, but there have been multiple releases already so why is this a show-stopper now?

In order for the update to be approved, the icon must be re-designed. However, Apple has not provided any guidelines on what will be an acceptable re-design.

Convertbot costs $.99 and can be found here (link opens iTunes).