AT&T: iPhone 3GS Launch Broke Numerous Company Records

MacDailyNews has obtained an internal AT&T memo promoting the record-breaking nature of the iPhone 3GS launch on Friday, June 19th.

iLaunch day 2009 was one for the record books, as AT&T customers scrambled to get their hands on the fastest, most powerful iPhone yet.

Here's a look at some of the milestones we achieved:

* Best-ever sales day in our retail stores
* Second-largest traffic day in our retail stores
* Most transactions processed via our IT systems in a single day
* Most upgrade eligibility checks in a single day
* Largest order day in history
* Largest features sales day in history

Furthermore, AT&T notes that it had surpassed the 2008 iPhone 3G launch sales numbers by noon on the iPhone 3GS launch day and sustained its record-setting sale pace for eleven straight hours.

Despite shorter lines on launch day than in 2008, due in large part to online availability, Apple announced that the iPhone 3GS had reached over one million sales in the first three days of availability, on par with the performance of the iPhone 3G at its 2008 launch.