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Early Mac OS X Leopard Notes and Observations

With the delivery of Mac OS X Leopard, there have been a number of articles detailing individual observations. Here compilation of interesting Leopard tidbits:

- Officially, no backing up with Time Machine over the drives you have connected via USB to your Airport Extreme (but here's a potential workaround)
- Time Machine can backup over the network but only to AFP shares
- Syncing notes to iPhone doesn't work (yet?)

- no R2D2 hologram effect in iChat (image)
- When you unplug your Time Machine external, nothing happens, but the instant you plug it back in, Time Machine does a backup -- in the background. You never see anything, but it silently backs stuff up every time that drive is connected.
- Feels fast on a PowerBook G4 1.33GHz

David Pogue
- New iChat preference: the preference setting called "Watch for my name in incoming messages." It alerts you any time anyone, in any of the open chats, types your name, even if you're doing something else on the Mac.

- Resizable partitions: Create and resize hard disk partitions on the fly in Leopard.

- When you're viewing all of your Spaces (F8), you can press the C key to collect all the windows from all spaces into the first space. Press C again to send them back where they started.