Apple iPhone Displays at Apple Stores (and AT&T Stores) [Updatedx3]

It appears that Apple iPhone displays are going up at Apple Stores. TUAW noted that a "large, covered rectangular display" appeared at the 5th Avenue Apple Store last night. They've also posted a small gallery of images of the shrouded display. Apple Store employees were reportedly unable to give out any further information.

The displays have been revealed at other locations and show large video demonstrations of the iPhone:

Photo courtesy of sminman

We'd heard rumors that Apple Stores would be getting more promotional displays this Friday, and there had been hopes (though unconfirmed) that iPhone rate plans details would also be announced at that time.

Update: Pulse took these photos at the Apple Store in Hollywood. It appears to have a power cord: 1 2 3

Update 2:: Some more photos, courtesy of sminman:

Update 3: AT&T stores also got their own iPhone displays installed overnight.