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Apple vs. Apple Trial Ongoing

This week marked the beginning on the trial of Apple Computer vs. the Beatle's Apple Corps record label. The lawsuit originally reported in 2003 surrounds Apple Computer's move into the music arena with the iPod and iTunes Music Store. The Beatle's Apple Corps record label was established first in 1968 and has previously filed lawsuits against Apple Computer about possible confusion between the two corporate trademarks.

Apple Computer reportedly last paid Apple Corps $26.5 million in 1991 and established a contract on allowed use of the Apple Computer trademark. According to Apple's lawyers, digital distribution of music such as the iTunes music store was explicitly allowed under the terms of the agreement.

A lawyer for Apple Computer dismissed the claim of corporate confusion and stated that "even a moron in a hurry could not be mistaken about that".

The current presiding judge is reported to be "computer-literate" and own both a Mac (with iLife) and an iPod.