Apple to Announce 42'' and 50'' Plasma Viiv Displays? posts an unusual report claiming that Apple would be releasing 42inch and 50inch Plasma Displays at Macworld San Francisco.

That possibility alone would be quite unusual for Apple, but the report describes that the new plasma displays will be powered by Intel's recently announced Viiv multimedia platform running Mac OS X 10.4.4 for x86 (Intel).

Prices for the displays/computers are reportedly $2599 and $3299.

The report is unusual in that it is written as a story, presumably to hide the source of the information. Of note, ThinkSecret has recently suggested that Apple will be releasing a larger than 30" Cinema Display.

Current Apple Cinema Displays rely on LCD technology -- not Plasma. However, throughout the industry, 42" is typically where the Plasma sets start, while LCD's become significantly more expensive at these larger sizes.

Meanwhile, there have been ongoing reports of a Viiv-Apple connection.

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