MacWorld Tokyo Rumor Roundup

MacWorld Tokyo is upon us... and Steve Jobs will deliver the MacWorld Tokyo Keynote on March 21 at 9:30am Tokyo time. (no webcast available)

So... What to expect from this Expo?

Well... not much., according to Apple's Senior of Hardware Product Marketing, Greg Joswiak.. who early on squelched much speculation by stating in Feb: "We're not planning to introduce any new CPUs at Macworld Tokyo, as a matter of fact, we're set for some months now"

However, never satisfied, Apple fans were painfully aware of Toshiba's new 10gig and 20gig 1.8" drives announced in Jan... and subsequent 10gig iPod Rumors surfaced (here, and here) as well as the mysterious iPod screenshots hinting at a possible software upgrade in store.

More nebulous hints were provided by MacEdition as well as RailheadDesign for something... maybe coming... a Digital Camera? (here and here), or a buyout perhaps?

One item that has been missing in action has been Apple's DVD Studio Pro OS X...

We'll see...

...and don't forget to watch the Oscars on the 24th for the latest Apple ad.

Flashback Link: MacWorld SF 2002 Rumor Roundup

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