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Review: Dotti and Notti Are Fun iPhone-Controlled Smart Lights That Deliver Notifications

Dotti and Notti are small iPhone-controlled smart lights created by design company Witti. More fun than practical, the two lights connect to an iPhone over Bluetooth, allowing their colors to be changed and letting them light up when a notification is received. Notti, the more inexpensive of the two at $60, is an angular light that somewhat resembles a candle. Dotti, priced at $80, is a square pixel light with 8x8 grid of LEDs that can be arranged into different pixellated shapes and colors. I went hands-on with the Notti and Dotti and after a couple of weeks, I can say that they're both well-designed, fun to play with, and make nice desk or table decorations. Notti Notti is the more simple light of the two. Made of opaque white plastic, it's got a faceted, angular design that looks attractive, especially when lit. It's a nice mood light for a living room or bedroom, measuring in at 10cm x 7.5cm x 6cm. Notti has a built-in battery that will last for up to five hours when the light is turned on, and up to 720 hours in standby mode while waiting for a notification to come in. When the Notti is first turned on via a small button on the front of the light, it's bright green, but with the accompanying Notti app, it can be changed to any color. The Notti pairs with an iPhone automatically once the app has been installed. Lights don't photograph quite as saturated in as they are in real life, so when looking at photos of Notti and Dotti, keep that in mind. The colors are actually deeper and more vivid. With the app, you can control both color and brightness

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