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CES 2018: Canary Launches Cheaper 'View' Indoor Security Camera for $99

Monday January 8, 2018 6:16 am PST by
Canary today at CES announced a new indoor security camera called the "Canary View," which comes with a cheaper $99 price tag thanks to the removal of certain features from the original Canary device (via The Verge). Specifically, the Canary View lacks the company's "HomeHealth" technology, which monitors a home's temperature, humidity, and overall air quality in the $169 Canary All-in-One...
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Canary Now Charging for Previously Free Security Cam Features Due to 'Significant' Cloud Expenses

Thursday October 5, 2017 7:10 am PDT by
Home security camera company Canary has updated the features included in its free and paid subscription packages over the past few days, removing multiple camera abilities that were once free to all users and placing them behind the company's $9.99/month paywall. Subscriptions increase to $14.99/month for 2-3 cameras, and an additional $4.99/month for each added device. Many Canary customers...
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Canary Announces Two-Way Audio Calling Between Security Camera and iOS App

Monday August 14, 2017 7:26 am PDT by
Security camera company Canary recently announced a trio of new features coming to its smart home security system and mobile apps, including two-way audio calls between a Canary camera and smartphone, a live security feed with reduced latency, and an all-new web app with live streaming. Rolling out over the course of this week is a refreshed version of Canary's "Watch Live" feature, which...
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Canary Brings Live-Streaming and Archived Footage to Apple TV With New App

Tuesday November 29, 2016 7:03 am PST by
Connected security camera company Canary is today launching a new update to its app that introduces support for the fourth-generation Apple TV, letting users view their camera's live stream on their television, or watch older recordings saved within the app. Prior to the Apple TV app, Canary users only had the company's mobile app to view content captured via a Canary or Canary Flex system (via Te...