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New Mac Pros and Mac Minis Launching in August

Sunday June 19, 2011 10:28 am PDT by
CNet's Brian Tong has revealed on Twitter that "all new" next generation Mac Pros and Mac minis will arrive in late July or early August.EXCLUSIVE: My sources tell me ALL NEW Next-Gen Mac Pros and Mac Minis will launch either end of July first week of August.Tong previously accurately predicted the arrival of new iMacs in the "end of April or 1st week of May". The iMacs did arrive in the 1st...
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Potential iMac Update to Sandy Bridge and Thunderbolt in 4-6 Weeks?

Tuesday March 22, 2011 10:49 am PDT by
As tracked in our Buyer's Guide, the iMac has reached its average update interval, suggesting that we might be able to expect refreshed models to appear some time in the relatively near future. Expectations for revamped iMacs include a move to Sandy Bridge processors and implementation of the new Thunderbolt connectivity standard that debuted in the MacBook Pro last month. In a series of...