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Mac Addicts Slam Dvorak

Reader Sam Finale wrote in to point out a Tech TV story accounting Mac users' heated response to John C. Dvorak's unfavorable reaction to MWSF. Dvorak has long been dismissive at best with regards to any and all of Apple's product offerings and innovations. The video clip linked from the site above gives you a taste of Dvorak's less than objective evaluation strategy when it comes to the Mac. It seems more and more users who appreciate Apple's innovation, including a large percentage of PC folks, are finding Dvorak possessing of the intellectual wattage of a wet match.


Click here to see what appears the fabled iWalk movie. My god---if this thing is real... Rebirth of the Newton (definitely looked like NewtonOS). Take a look!! (View it now--not on yet, apparently!) Update 2: has posted their links. (they require

Boycott Universal

Danny Ricci wrote in telling us, "It's final, Universal is going to release CDs that can only be played on some newer stereo systems and Windows-based PCs. There is no support for Macs, DVD Players, and some CD players. Microsoft must have paid them big bucks for this, (although Windows users won't be able to rip eather, just play). See the article. Time for Apple users to unite and lead a boycott, remember, as always, We Shall Provail." Boycott indeed. There is no way that any of us here at Macrumors will ever purchase Universal CD's again unless this protection is removed. The notion...buying a CD and not immediately importing it into iTunes as MP3's--lunacy. We certainly hope that all the Mac faithful out there (or PS2 faithful, or...) will follow

OS X vs. BeOS

Scot Hacker, author of BeOS Bible and long-time BeOS afficionado, has written a lengthy article pitting OS X and BeOS against each other. With the sinking of BeOS, Scot has come over to OS X and has decided that it is the best operating system out there. It's a great read with plenty of juicy details. update: here's the link

Jedi Knight Petition

As reported on XLR8YourMac, Westlake's Brad Oliver has offered to port Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II to the Mac for FREE. All he needs is a publisher. Sign the online petition to Aspyr to get them to publish the game. This could result in a pretty pleasantly priced piece of 3D gaming goodness (pardon the alliteration).

A Look At Adobe Go Live 6 For OS X

ThinkSecret has posted a look at Adobe's GoLive 6 for OS X (with screenshots). Perhaps the most robust site design package around, the inclusion of this application in the list of OS X native apps is a huge help in moving completely over to OS X. Take a

New iPod Site:

To anyone interested in the new Apple iPod, I wanted to point to a new site I have setup dealing with Apple's wonderful new little white box: Dedicated to tracking hacks, mods, tips & techniques as well as general iPod news, iPodHacks will hopefully be lots of fun for all.

How The iPod Will Change Computing

On the eve of Apple's official release date for the iPod, CNET's article, "How The iPod Will Change Computing" may prove interesting reading. So how many users out there are going to be standing in line when the Apple Stores open tomorrow morning at 10? See you

Inside The iPod

A poster on MacNN forums gave a link to a Japanese page with photos of the internals of the iPod. Pretty interesting. He also provided an English translation of the page's text. Take a look. The two main components on the iPod's circuit board are TI's TSB43AA82, (a FireWire controller) and PortalPlayer Inc's PP5002B (a multi-processor, ARM-based wonder-chip). Well, now we know the

iPod Sighting and Easter Egg!

Joel Jimenez wrote in to tell us, "An Italian Mac site has a story about the iPod's first public appearance in Italy. Along with the review, they demonstrate an easter egg. You can play Breakout on the iPod! (with photos)"

Apple's New Thing (iPod)

Brief bullets of what's happening with the announcement of Apple's new digital device gathered from a variety of sources: Jobs reviews Apple's "digital hub" concept announced in January. Speaks of the Mac as the focal point of one's digital lifestyle. Jobs mentions early November as ship time for iDVD2 (from macminute:) Apple introduces iPod, a digital audio player (MP3, MP2, more) with a 5GB hard drive (1000 songs). 20 minute skip protection. FireWire-equipped, first such music player. 10 hour battery, lithium-polymar ("most advanced battery; more advanced than laptop batteries"), takes 1 hour to charge. Size of a deck of cards: 2.4" wide, 4" tall, 3/4" thick. (from macminute:) Backlit LCD display, playlist support, ID3 tag support, very fast and easy to go through list of songs and playlist with a scroll wheel. Interfaces with iTunes. iTunes 2 coming in November iPod will ship November 10 iPod price = $399 (see it at the Apple Store) Here's a link to Apple's iPod product page. It's worth nothing that this device doubles as a 5GB portable firewire HD for moving files here and there. While there are larger capacity, HD-based, portable MP3 players out there--all of them are larger than the iPod (significantly so). The iPod seems to hit a 'sweet spot' between size and storage capacity, while offering impressive battery life. $399 is a touch higher than many would anticipate, it

Best Gaming Experience On Any Platform

There's no doubt gaming fans who have made the switch to Mac OS X have been enjoying the truly impressive performance of some early native ports to the platform. Quake 3 Arena, Alice, Sacrifice, etc. Well, get ready to be even more impressed. Now available for order at the Apple Store is Giants: Citizen Kabuto, heralded as one of--if not the, most impressive 3D games on the PC. OmniGroup ported this PC title, which will be sold by MacPlay, to OS X (OS X-only port) and in doing so made the game multiprocessor aware (which the PC original is not) and also made use of custom OpenGL extensions for the GeForce 3, to access its advanced pixel shader technology. OmniGroup made a statement a short while back indicating that Giants on a G4 dual-500 with GeForce 2 runs faster than the PC original does on the fastest GeForce 3-equipped Athlon out there. Quite impressive. What's more impressive are the recent comments made by MacPlay president Mark Cottam about the game (quoted from a MacObserver article): The talented engineers at Omni Group have implemented SMP (Symmetric Multi Processor) support into Giants, which takes advantage of Mac OS X's symmetric multiprocessing feature when running the dual processor Power Mac G4. Playing Giants on a dual 800 MHz Power Mac G4 with Mac OS X and a GeForce 3 graphics accelerator will be the best gaming experience one could enjoy on any platform." So for once, the Mac faithful stand at the absolute pinncale of gaming performance, of all the platforms out there. This is a very exciting time for Mac gamers. The future of Mac

Yet More Device Speculation

User Cbluzzyfuzzmorphywizz writes in pointing us to this website with info/speculation on the new device (in German, English translation here) And tells us, "It says, the new device will be like a stand-alone CD-writer, but will look like a Hifi-component. It has a hard disk, an airport card and a USB port. Via Airport it communicates with all macs in, say, a house or a flat. It is like a combination of a CD player/writer but with the ability to send and receive the music over the airport network. This makes it possible to have all the music in the house stored on one place but to play back in any room you like. The music is sent to any room via airport. Right now, you can use iTunes only in your home office (or wherever your mac is located) but not in any room you like. In the future you can listen to your music in any room without the need to take your CDs from one room to another. Also, you can get your music tranferred to an MP3-Player via USB. Next, via airport you can connect to the internet an listen to a internet radio station. You can do so from any room, provided you have a base station installed. To sum it up, it is a device, that brings the macs advanced music abilities to every room in the house without the need to buy Macs for every room. Very cool." Only time will tell...

$799 iMac Just Released

User Iriejedi wrote in reporting that, "Low memory (64 megs) and slow backside cache and a normal CD-rom drive are the trade off for cost - but for $799 the 500MHz G3 machince is not a bad starting point for low end users... Now available at the Apple Store!" It's there alright. Nice to have an iMac with a pricepoint this low in the back in the lineup. 64MB is pretty slim, but then memory costs about the same as water these days. Good news.

Avie Tevanian Leaves Apple

User NO B&W writes in to tell us (and sadden us in so doing) that Steve Jobs' technical wonderboy and sidekick Avie Tevanian is leaving Apple. Principle designer and engineer of the Mach operating system kernel upon which Mac OS X is based, Tevanian began his connection to Jobs at NeXT back in 1988. Let us hope that his departure does not harbinge a period of lesser innovation by Apple. Check out the NY Post article here.

Return to Castle Wolfenstein - OS X Client Available

As reported by, the OS X client for Return to Castle Wolfenstein is now available. For all the info, see Graeme Devine's .plan file, quoted below: Name: Graeme Devine Email: Description: Designer / Project Manager Project: ----------------------------------- Mac stuff. The OS X build is looking good. On my G4 dual 800 with a GeForce 3 card I get 90fps in game, while on my P3 dual 800 with a GeForce 3 I get 30fps on the same settings. I've been running it on my machine without problem, in game and out. However, I'm using a developer build of 10.1 (5G48), and I've not tested across anything else. I'll continue to do that tomorrow before putting out a general public release. Meanwhile, if you want to play the BLEEDING edge client, you can grab it from my iTools public folder (graemedevine). You'll need to have downloaded and installed a full PC build because this is just the app, so this limits the # of you that can play it to experts and desperate types.. I've been updating the build here for people to test on since I only have a few OS X machines here to play with. Please ONLY send bug reports on this build to me ( and try to include a clear step by step way to replicate the error you have. Please also include the OS X build you have running and what kind of video card you have installed. Wow, his dual G4 really leaves that dual P3 in the dust. Can't wait to give this a shot.

Apple Donates $1 Million, iBooks To Rescue Worker Families

As MacCentral reports, an Apple spokesman has, today, stated: "Apple is donating one million dollars to the families of the firefighters, police and other emergency response personnel who lost their lives, through the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. In addition, we will donate one iBook to each of these families with children this holiday season." Certainly any benevolent sentiment can only help, to some degree however small, ease the pain and loneliness that these families are suffering.

Apple Expo 2001 in Paris - Cancelled

Brett wrote in with this PRNewswire: CUPERTINO, Calif., Sep 17, 2001 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Apple(R) (Nasdaq: AAPL) today announced the cancelation of Apple Expo 2001, which was scheduled to take place at the Paris Expo in Porte de Versailles, September 26-30, 2001. "We're canceling Apple Expo in the wake of last week's devastating and tragic events," said Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO. "We're sorry to disappoint our users and developers, but their safety is our primary concern." More information about Apple Expo 2001 can be found at

Enhanced Cinemaware Titles Ported To Mac

Some of our readers may recall Cinemaware, a well-known game company that appeared in the mid-80's, creating rather unique and wonderful games that pushed the run of the mill computer gaming scene of the time more towards a cinematic experience. Their first and most well known title was Defender of the Crown (see a fan page), first released for the Amiga. Well, in what is a magnificent stroke of luck for Mac and PC users alike, Cinemaware is working with clickBOOM, a well known Amiga development house, to port Defender of the Crown as well as a number of other cinematic classics of the time to the Mac and PC platforms, to be sold at a value pricepoint of $14.99 - $19.99. The games will feature reworked, enhanced graphics and sound (based faithfully on the original) as well as portions of the games that were omitted from the final releases. See clickBOOM's artfully rendered press release on the subject. They have even placed a beta version of a browser-based Defender of the Crown online! To those unfamiliar with these excellent games, this is a great opportunity to see some of the best games ever created, in a time when the word DOOM simply described the fate of most of the platforms that these games were originally developed for. To this day, I still play DOTC on my Amiga and Apple IIgs. Quite an

Return to Castle Wolfenstein for OS X

As reported by, a downloadable demo of Activision's Return to Castle Wolfenstein is due out today, Saturday the 15th. It had been assumed that this would be a PC-only release, but a quote from Graeme Devine's .plan file might indicate otherwise: " Mac stuff. I've been playing the WolfMP test natively under Mac OS X. I've also got the OS X installer for WolfMP all wrapped up and standing by. " Recall that the Quake III Arena demo came out for the Mac (OS 8.x) a couple of weeks before any other versions surfaced. Download links, etc. avail at the main game page (above link)--keep an eye out for it sometime