Apple Beginning Back-To-School Promotion Monday? [Announced]

MacRumors has received word that Apple will be starting its Back-To-School promotion early this year. The promotion, which usually begins early-July, is rumored to offer a $179.00 rebate when students or teachers purchase a qualifying Mac and iPod. This would allow educational buyers to get a 2 GB Nano for free using educational pricing, or apply the discount on higher-priced iPods.

This information roughly parallels a recent ThinkSecret report also claiming that the promotion will begin on Monday. ThinkSecret, however, believes that the rebate will be $150.

Update: As rumored, Apple has announced its Back-To-School promotion. Qualified education individuals who buy a MacBook, MacBook Pro, iMac, or Power Mac G5 and an iPod will get up to $179 back after rebate. More details are available at Apple's site.