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Phishing and Malware Emails Posing as Apple and the iPhone 5 Launch

We've received a number of warnings from readers over the last couple of weeks about fraudulent emails that look a lot like official Apple emails. These emails are structured just like Apple's promotional emails, but are actually attempts to lure unsuspecting customers into entering their Apple IDs and other personal information. Such so called "phishing" attempts are common and readers should be wary about following links from any emails.

What caught our eye is that the latest round of these fraudulent emails are actually leveraging the hype around the next generation iPhone. The latest email (pictured above) passes itself off as an Apple launch email for the iPhone 5. (Full size). It cobbles together various photos from the internet and entices users to click on "Learn More". The learn more link, however, links to a Windows executable which we presume to be malware (virus, trojan, keylogger, etc...), so readers are warned to avoid clicking on any links from these emails.

Reports of compromised App Store and Apple ID accounts have generated a lot of press in the past due to the scale of the iTunes Stores. It was believed that account details were stolen using these sort of techniques rather than any sort of vulnerability in iTunes itself.

Another example of a fraudulent email:

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50 months ago

people falling for these obviously fake fraudulent apps/emails is creating a bad reputation for mac users...

Whoever falls for that *OBVIOUS* fake email kinda deserves it.

They're not all obviously fake. Others look identical to Apple emails. The links just are sent to non apple domains.

Rating: 12 Votes
50 months ago
Transparent mode? Ya, ok... :p
Rating: 10 Votes
50 months ago
How awful does that big 5 look on the back of the phone lol. I'd know it was fake just because of that.
Rating: 7 Votes
50 months ago

Hate to be a bit harsh, but anybody who actually thought those emails were real has GOT TO BE a friction retard!!!!

I grabbed my iPhone as soon as I read this and typed in "frickin" just to see if it autocorrected to "friction"

I feel your pain man. It gets me too.
Rating: 7 Votes
50 months ago
An important thing to remember is that these emails are targeted at less informed consumers...not the type that grace MR.
Rating: 5 Votes
50 months ago
So, it's transparent AND it has a slide-out keyboard? Cool!
Rating: 4 Votes
50 months ago

I don't really understand how the first one could trick anyone. You only need a very basic understanding of physics.

I understand what you're getting at, and can appreciate your perspective, but you know my parents and grandparents are already seeing things on a daily basis that amazes them and they never thought they'd see in their lifetime. The iPhone alone is amazing to them, that someone can have a phone, connect to email, get directions, store your journal, play games, buy music, but tickets to the symphony on the way there, take video, edit the video then share it with the world. So I think from there perspective they'd just be thinking "Oh wow, that looks like something our grandkids would be interested in" and then they might venture to check it out. They're all intelligent people, but not technology geeks, or anything so to them I could see that it may seem somewhat plausible and unfortunately I'm sure it's that kind of people that the scammers are preying on.
Rating: 4 Votes
50 months ago
I just ordered two.
Rating: 4 Votes
50 months ago
Apple always keeps innovating!

Then, when you expect 4G networks should start to enroll soon, Apple gives you a 5G network compatible phone!

And when you think it's just the iPhone 5, think again. Apple is so much above all competition in terms of technology, they simply have to name it the iPhone 5G S!

Now with a transparent wallpaper, fully customizable in different kinds of transparency. It's just great, since when I take a picture with the camera, I always wanted to see "behind" the phone to see what I'm actually snapshotting. Now I can, so revolutionary!

Plus, if you so desire the standard water droplets background, just wait until it rains, catch a few droplets with the back of your iPhone and you have a nice and pretty wallpaper about water droplets. Now people are finally happy when it rains instead of always complaining about the rain. This simply revolutionary!

Then the QWERTY keyboard, that's just pure awesomeness! I always wanted to type 2 text messages at the same time. Now with 2 keyboards, I can! I can be gentle and use the soft screen keyboard, or I can use the hard keys if I wanted to be rude (e.g. for complaining about Android).

The technology behind this is simply outstanding! Just imagine what it takes to make those black plastic keys fully transparent for when using the phone in transparent mode!

And in the small letters at the bottom:
"MMS support from AT&T coming in late summer."
This is just priceless! This phone is the first iPhone 5G S with MMS support. If someone is able to deliver something that awesome, it just has to be Apple! Now beat that, HTC/Nokia/Samsung/etc...!

The blackness is purely amazing! Never before was another phone so black as this one. It's that black even black holes are jealous of the color of the iPhone 5G S!

But since black is just not a color, it's the absence of color and light, this is a paradoxical phone.

This is, because the iPhone IS light. It doesn't weigh much, so you can't tell it's heavy. Though it is still black. When it's not transparent. That is what makes it special.

This is the start of a new era. A phone of pure awesomeness. Black yet light, 5G capable, lightning fast (no thunderbolt because thunder is slower than lightning) and... and...

Wait whut? Is it just spam? Serious? Oh... I should have known...
Rating: 4 Votes
50 months ago

here's another phishing email

I actually got that one, but the red numbers just looked out of place. Then of course it was in my Junk folder which seemed weird, and then I noticed the sender is something that ends with lol!

But I can imagine people falling for this. Not everyone knows Apple's graphic design standards. Imagine an elderly person who barely understands what the internet is, they could easily fall for this. So saying "you must be stupid to fall for this" isn't very smart. And it only takes a couple of victims for the phisher to be able to make enough money, for free.
Rating: 3 Votes

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