Arnold Kim

Arnold is the Editorial Director of MacRumors and founded the site in 2000. He was also a practicing physician but gave it up in 2008 to focus on this website and other projects.

Eric Slivka

Eric is Editor in Chief of MacRumors, swimmer, and former biophysicist. Enjoys reading and chasing after two rambunctious boys when he's not playing with the latest gadgets.

Juli Clover

Juli is an Editor at MacRumors, photographer, voracious reader, cinephile, video game enthusiast, and cat owner. She can be reached at or on Twitter.

Joe Rossignol

Joe has been an Editor at MacRumors since January 2015, and writing about Apple for over eight years. He lives in downtown Toronto, Canada and can be contacted on Twitter or by email at

Joe has been cited by major blogs and publications, including CBS News, CNBC, CNN, Daily Mail, Forbes, Fortune, NBC, New York Post, PC Magazine, Reuters, TechCrunch, The Telegraph, USA Today, and The Washington Post. His stories have also been aggregated on Techmeme.

Marianne Schultz

Marianne has been writing about technology professionally since 2008. She owns more gadgets and Apple products than just about anyone else she knows and is drafted to do tech support for nearly everyone she meets. She lives in Boston, Massachusetts.

Matt Gonzalez

Matt is the Video Content Producer at MacRumors. His video, photography, and design work are his way of expressing his love for awesome new technology and clean, minimal design.

Mitchel Broussard

Mitchel is a Contributing Editor at MacRumors. Southern Louisiana-born, he lives off of bad TV, good books, and great video games. Despite a few close calls, he has yet to forget the face of his father.

Tim Hardwick

Tim is a Contributing Editor at MacRumors. He has been covering technology for almost a decade, but will write about anything that interests him, from philosophy of mind to his own personal brand of bad fiction. Originally from Liverpool, England, Tim is currently between homes but can sometimes be found accessing a personal wi-fi hotspot from a ferry somewhere on the Mersey.

Chris Jenkins

Chris is a Contributing Writer at MacRumors. An electrical engineer by trade, he likes to spend his free time with family and a hockey game or two.