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iPad Unboxing and Very Nice Hands On Video Review

For those desperate to see an unboxing video of the iPad, here's the first, from Stephen Fry. Fry, a well known friend of Apple, must have gotten one of the early shipments including all accessories: Meanwhile, those looking for something a little more depth should really take a look at this video from PCMag. PCMag posted this excellent walk-through and review of the iPad. The hands on demo of the unit shows many of the iPad's features. Apple's built-in apps and several 3rd party apps are demoed and shown in real time. The narrator reports that over 1000 apps will be available for the iPad at

Apple Employee T-Shirt Unboxing Photos

Several weeks ago, we noted "unboxing" photos of an Apple job offer showing off the sleek and modern look expected of all Apple products. Earlier this week, we received a new set of photos showing the unboxing of an Apple employee T-shirt. The T-shirts were reportedly given as gifts to Apple call center technical support staff and their packaging and presentation again demonstrate the Apple design aesthetic, including an apparently embossed gift note and the company's obligatory Apple stickers.

TomTom GPS Car Kit for iPhone Unboxing

Forum member The Samurai has managed to obtain the TomTom GPS car kit for iPhone from the Apple retail store in Glasgow, Scotland. After a brief appearance in several European Apple online stores that generated some confusion over what was included with the kit, the car kit reappeared late last week with shipping scheduled for 1-3 weeks. Despite the shipping date having slipped to 3-4 weeks since that time, the kits are now evidently beginning to appear in Apple retail stores. The Samurai has posted a video of the unboxing of the TomTom car kit: Also found within the car kit packaging was a paper insert describing a forthcoming free TomTom iPhone application that will allow users to administer some of the technical functions of the car kit without the need for the TomTom navigation iPhone application, which is sold separately. It is possible that this free application will enable the use of third-party GPS applications with the kit, allowing them to take advantage of the kit's built-in GPS receiver and other features.

Apple Job Offer 'Unboxing' Pictures Posted

On his Deciphering Glyph blog, the founder of Twisted posts "unboxing" photos (via Gizmodo) of a job offer he recently received from Apple. The photos unsurprisingly reveal that the company that places such emphasis on design aesthetics for both products and packaging also appears to have put a fair amount of effort into its human resources materials, resulting in a sleek appearance likely to appeal to and impress potential employees. The tension on the hinge of the folder is perfect: not too tense, not too loose. It opens easily and will lay flat on any work surface. In case I didn't actually know who they are or what it was, the words "welcome to apple" adorn the inner flap. Tab separators along the tops of the section allow me to quickly find the files that I need. If you're not familiar with paper technology, this is not unlike the "tab" widgets you might see along the top of a browser window such as Firefox and Safari. They work by placing your finger on top of the desired "tab" and lightly pulling. Perfectly intuitive.

First iPhone 3G S Unboxing Photos Showing Compass and Voice Control

It seems that the first iPhone 3G S unboxing photos have been posted to the Chinese version of Engadget.com. The images show the new 32GB iPhone 3G S unboxed and demoed with compass and voice control applications. Apple will be officially releasing the iPhone 3G S on June 19th. Physically, the iPhone 3G S is identical to the iPhone 3G but offers a number of internal improvements including the digital compass (shown above), video recording, faster processor and graphics chips. Update: The original images have been pulled and we've been nicely asked to remove them for

13" MacBook Pro Teardown and Unboxing Galleries

iFixit posts the first teardown images of the new 13" MacBook Pro. iFixit notes the following changes from the previous 13" MacBook: - No access door for the battery on the bottom. - The addition of an SD card slot (and the omission of digital/mic port) is readily apparent. - FireWire is back! - Computer lock is now on the other side. Meanwhile, Gizmodo and Engadget have both posted unboxing galleries for the new machines. Just by looking at the 13 and 15-inch models together, you can tell that Apple was pretty much right when they said that they belong in the same family. The construction is almost identical. The only difference is that the 13-inch has one fewer audio jack and no side-board speakers, as been the case for the 13 for years now.Apple released the new 13" MacBook Pro on Monday and dropped the entry price to

Nehalem Mac Pros Arrive: Unboxing and Benchmarks

MacRumors forum user WonderSausage received his 2009 Nehalem Mac Pro yesterday. The system was configured as a Dual 2.93GHz Quad-Core system with 6GB of RAM and an ATI Radeon HD 4870 card. Additional high quality photos posted to Flickr with commentary in the discussion thread. The early GeekBench benchmark for the Nehalem system gave a whopping total score of 17,665, placing it at the very top of the list of all GeekBench 2 scores. The previous #1 placeholder was a Sun Microsystems Sun Fire X4450. This also eclipses the results of the previous top-of-the-line 3.2GHz 8-core Mac Pro which delivers a score as high as 11,030 but with many results in the 9,000 range. As expected, the largest gains in the new systems revolved around multi-threaded functions and memory performance. To give some more perspective on this value, see GeekBench's cumulative table of all Mac performance benchmarks as of January 2009. Meanwhile, another reader was able to benchmark his Nehalem 2.26GHz Mac Pro which resulted in a Geekbench score of 11226-13113. Again the Nehalem processors excelled at multi-threaded tasks but the raw clock speed of the 2.26GHz processor was slower than the 3.2GHz processor at single-threaded tasks. This same observation was also seen in Cinebench benchmarks compiled by Tesselator and charted by PowerPaw: In this example, the new 2.26GHz 8-core Nehalem performed comparably to previous 2.8GHz 8-core processor in multi-threaded tasks, but worse at single threaded tasks. Meanwhile, the multi-core performance of the new 2.93GHz processor

Unboxing of the Early 2009 NVIDIA iMac, Early Benchmarks

Engadget has posted an unboxing gallery of the new iMac. Externally, there is not much different in the new machine with the exception the removal of the FireWire 400 port and addition of a mini DisplayPort. The new iMac does come with the keypad-less keyboard (pictured above). MacRumors readers who are waiting on delivery of their new iMacs are congregating in this thread. Meanwhile iFixit has disassembled the iMac completely and provided their usual detailed gallery. Primate Labs has already posted some benchmarks of the new iMacs and Mac minis. Unsurprisingly they found that processor speed has not improved significantly between the older and the new models: Processor performance hasnt increased substantially in the latest hardware; the performance increase seems to scale with processor speed. This isnt surprising, since neither the iMac nor the Mac mini moved to a new processor architecture.Geekbench, however, only measures processor and memory performance and does not measure graphics card performance. The main improvement in these models was a move to an NVIDIA-based architecture with improved integrated graphics. This should improve graphics benchmarks and will also provide additional benefits when Snow Leopard is

Unboxing and Disassembly Photos of the New Mac Mini

MacMiniColo.net has posted a series of unboxing and disassembly photos of the new Mac Mini just released today. The above photo, of course, is the same shot that was leaked just yesterday. The retail box image of the Mini curiously only has 9 vents while the actual product has 10. Still, all the pre-release product shots and video turned out to be quite accurate. Aside from the different ports in the back, the new Mac Mini is nearly identical to the previous model: The outside of the Mac mini's casing seems nearly identical. It has the same aluminum siding and the white plastic top. I guess I can't prove it, but having handled several hundred of the last generation Mac minis, the aluminum feels different. Perhaps it was manufactured differently.

MacBook Airs Arrive, Unboxing Photos

The new version of the MacBook Air has arrived and one reader has posted unboxing photos to Flickr. Another forum member has also received the latest MacBook Air. Apple revised the MacBook Air during their October 14th media event. The new model features the NVIDIA chipset and integrated graphics card. This should provide the MacBook Air with substantially better graphics performance over the first generation model. A couple of early XBench benchmarks have been posted here and here, showing off the new 128GB SSD drive. Comparison scores can be found at Xbench. Further discussion can also be followed in our MacBook Air forum.

iPhone 3G Launches, Photos, Unboxing [Updated]

sebconn / flickr Tim Kelleher / flickr Vedia / flickr Dylan Jay / flickr Images have been slow to trickle in from other countries from their respective iPhone 3G launches. The images above have been found on Flickr and linked to their full sets. The iPhone 3G launch will take place in Japan and U.K. over this evening with the U.S. launch kicking off at 8:00 a.m. local time. We've organized a discussion thread for individuals to post their own unboxing/setup photos and if you have already gotten your iPhone 3G, please feel free to post your images. Other areas for discussion, including First impressions, App Store discussion, and Regional Meetups. Photo from Ameoema.com Ameoema.com posts a high quality unboxing set comparing the Black iPhone to the White iPhone. More Discussion: - First Impressions of iPhone 3G - Unboxing/Setup Photos - Regional Meetups - App Store discussion - TouchArcade.com - iPhone Games and

Video Unboxing of iPhone 3G

BoyGeniusReport has posted a video of the iPhone 3G being unboxed with comparisons to the original iPhone. Submitted by Eddieowns

iPhone 3G Unboxing Photos [Updated]

An iPhonePortugal forum user (via Engadget) has posted the first photos of the iPhone 3G being unboxed. It appears that the unit is one of the demo units supplied to stores. According to the poster, the internet speed is quite good and the App Store is not yet online. The first of the demo units are also said to have been arriving at AT&T stores as early as today. Updated: Gadgetomac posts additional photos of an iPhone 3G demo unit in Swiss retail stores.

Unboxing Video of MacBook Air, More Notes

Unboxing Video - MacRumors forum member desenso posts a complete unboxing video of the new MacBook Air. - Macworld posts their review of the MacBook Air and makes an interesting point about the seemingly small weight difference that makes the MacBook Air appealing: One reason I loved the 12-inch PowerBook G4 was that it crossed some hard-to-define weight barrier, one I hadnt even been aware of until I started using a laptop that crossed it. The 12-inch PowerBook was so small and light that carrying my laptop around with me became an afterthought. Instead of lugging a 15-inch PowerBook from place to place, I could idly hold the 12-inch model in one hand. The MacBook Air takes that easy feeling to an extreme - The MacBook Airs were reportedly pulled from the 5th Avenue NYC Apple Store for now. They will likely return on Friday which is the official retail launch of the MacBook Air. Video of MacBook Airs at 5th Ave store. - For those who are need to fit their applications into their 64GB or 80GB MacBook Air might find some use in the Xslimmer application that was included in a recent software bundle. Xslimmer strips down applications to reduce file size but does not impact functionality. Update: Trimmit is a free alternative. - The custom Intel CPU that powers the MacBook Air may be coming to PCs. - Gizmodo reposted the MacBook Air tear down photos and video. Ongoing discussion in our MacBook Air forum.

MacBook Air Unboxing Photos and Wireless Booting

The first unboxing photos for the MacBook Air come from what appears to be a remote Macworld Expo presentation in Japan. The pictures show that they received their demonstration MacBook Air in the retail packaging. Unboxing sequence: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Meanwhile, Macfixit confirms that the MacBook Air is the first Mac to be able to boot wirelessly. When Apple introduced the MacBook Air, they detailed a new feature called "Remote Disc" which makes up for the lack of a standard optical drive in the MacBook Air. Remote Disc allows the MacBook Air to wirelessly use a PC or Mac optical drive as if it were its own. Included with this functionality is the ability for the MacBook Air to wirelessly boot off of a Remote Disc shared drive. This means that if your MacBook Air requires an emergency boot or fresh reinstall, it can be done without the $99 external SuperDrive. This added functionality required changes in the Extensible Firmware Interface (EFI) and is not presently available on other Macs. The MacBook Air will be shipping to customers in the next two weeks. A discussion thread has been created for readers waiting for their MacBook Air to ship. Update: We've been told that Mac OS X 10.5.2 will bring wireless booting sharing to all Macs. (Addendum: It seems wireless booting will require a firmware

iPod Touch Arrives at Apple Stores (Unboxing Photos)

The iPod Touch has started to arrive at Apple Stores. Forum user kuebby has posted unboxing photos of the iPod Touch. More photos posted by Zwhaler. And another set on Flickr. iLounge set on Flickr. In anticipation of the questions and discussion about the iPod Touch, we've opened an iPod Touch forum to handle the discussion. More Photos/Videos Video: iPod Touch vs iPhone Interface - iLounge Video: iPod Touch vs iPhone Playback - iLounge Video: iPod Touch Wifi Store - iLounge More iPod Touch Unboxing - Appleinsider Video: iPod touch first look -

Unboxing Photos: iPod Classic, Nano, Shuffle

Forum user Karpfish posted unboxing photos of the iPod Classic. iLounge posted a Flickr set of the new iPod Classic, Nano and Shuffle ArsTechnica posted photos of the Classic and Nano. AppleInsider posts iPod Nano (Black) unboxing

iMac Unboxing Video

Unboxing.com has posted a video of an unboxing of a 20" iMac. The 9 minute video walks through the unpacking of the 20" iMac and explores the contents of the

Apple iPhone Bluetooth Headset Unboxing Pics

A Flickr user has posted some unboxing photos of Apple's iPhone Bluetooth headset, some of which are mirrored here. Headset Packaging iPhone shows headset charging status Apple claims the $129 accessory can provide up to 72 hours of standby time and up to 5.5 hours of talk time on a single charge. While the Online Apple Store shows a 2-4 week lag time, it would appear that there is at least limited retail store availability. For more coverage of Apple's Bluetooth Headset in the wild, see this article from the iPhone

iPhones have Arrived (Unboxing Photos)

Unboxing photos posted by grantrobarts Many users have gotten their iPhones. New iPhone owners, please take advantage of these official threads: iPhone First Impressions / Reviews iPhone Questions for Early Adopters iPhone Unbox/Setup Photos Photos and Video to come... Images: Unboxing Photos