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HBO Coming To iTunes? [Now on iTunes]

HBO programming will soon be coming to the iTunes store according to a report by Apple is close to announcing it has signed a deal to sell HBO programs and movies on the iTunes website, according to HBO employees involved in executing the agreement. The deal marks the first time that Apple has agreed to a separate price structure for a content provider, one of the employees said. The HBO insiders said that the new service would be launched and announced simultaneously, most likely in a week or two. The site speculates that the price structure could represent either a larger cut for HBO of the $1.99 price per episode, or perhaps a price above $1.99. notes that HBO has been slow in the past to provide content via new media, and this deal is due in part to pressure from HBO parent company Time Warner. Update: HBO shows have started appearing on

HBO Interested in Supplying iPod/iTunes Content

Reuters reports that HBO's chief executive hopes to make a deal with Apple for supplying iPod/iTunes Video content at some point in the future. Fox had previously made similar comments.