How to Customize Default Replies on Apple Watch

On the Apple Watch, there are Mail and Messages app features that make it possible for you to actually respond to email and messages right from Apple Watch. Apple Watch owners can use voice dictation, send an emoji, or respond with a preset default reply to an incoming message or email without the need to open up a phone.

Apple Watch Default Reply how to
Apple provides room for about 20 default replies for Messages and about a dozen for Mail. Facebook provides six. You are not confined to the premade responses, however, and you can customize them to say whatever you'd like.

We've got a quick tutorial explaining how to customize your quick responses to fit your personality. The steps are very similar for customizing default responses in all three apps.

Default Reply Messages


  1. On iPhone, open the Apple Watch app and navigate to the My Watch tab.
  2. Select Messages from the menu.
  3. Tap "Default Replies."
  4. Tap a premade response and replace it with your own.



  1. On iPhone, open the Apple Watch app and navigate to the My Watch tab.
  2. Select Mail from the menu.
  3. Tap "Default Replies" under the Mail Settings section.
  4. Tap a premade response and replace it with your own.

Default Reply Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger

  1. On iPhone, open the Messenger app and tap the Settings icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  2. Select Apple Watch from the menu.
  3. Tap a premade response and replace it with your own.

From personal experience with Apple Watch, we recommend you try to make your responses as personal as possible. A dry response from a normally animated person may cause the recipient to question whether you are upset. Include exclamation points and emoticons if that is how you normally text friends. Be sure to save a few lines for more serious responses.

With Mail, crafting a good response is a little harder. Luckily, you can write a lot in a default email reply. We counted to 400 characters before giving up, and hopefully you won't need to be sending premade replies longer than that from your Apple Watch.

When crafting a default email reply, remember that the recipient will question why you can't respond further if you are capable of responding at all. It might be a good idea to include that you are sending the message from Apple Watch so that the recipient understands why you didn't address the email specifically.

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56 months ago
How about changing default replies for other languages. My iPhone interface is configured to work in English but I usually also reply to messages and email in Spanish and French. However, the Watch app only gives me the option to edit the English default replies list.

Any way to change those without having to reconfigure the whole phone to another language?
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56 months ago
I was surprised that the Watch can extract possible answers from a text and puts them in the quick responses. A guy texted me to ask if I was using a 21" or 27" iMac and in the instant responses included "21"" and "27"" so all I had to do was touch "27"". I thought that was pretty cool!
Rating: 1 Votes
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